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Corrugated steel plate
we can ensure that the steel we source is tailored to the needs of our valued customers.
Corrugated steel plate line

Corrugated steel plate is a structural material that increases structural rigidity by forming a certain size of steel plate (SS400, SS490, SS590, etc.) more than a year.

Corrugated steel plate

Corrugated steel plate is a structural material that increases structural rigidity by forming a certain size of steel plate (SS400, SS490, SS590, etc.) more than a year.
Compared with other processes, the construction method is simple, the transportation is convenient, the appearance is beautiful and the structure is stable, etc., and it is economical and environmentally friendly. It can be used in various structures such as bridges, tunnels, ecological passages, soundproof tunnels, military facilities and underground comprehensive pipe corridors.

1. Reduced construction time through rapid construction.
   Excellent economy through robust durability, ensuring long product life.
   Savings of 15-30% in construction costs compared to reinforced concrete structures.

2. Lightweight material, simple and easy to transport.
    Fast construction with a 30-50% reduction in construction time compared to other processes due to the use of bolted assemblies.
    When carrying out ageing, water damage repair and reinforcement repairs, rapid construction can be achieved through partial repairs.

3. Factory-made products of uniform quality.
    Excellent quality is maintained through integrated management from design to manufacture, construction and site management.

4. Hot-dipped galvanisation (900g/m2)on the steel surface to ensure a durable life.

5.The steel is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly product compared to concrete structures.


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1、Appearance Aesthetic and novel, colorful, flexible combination, can be used in different buildings, showing the unique and original architectural style in life.
2、The surface is treated with galvanized color coating. So it can be rainproof, fireproof and shockproof, so it has a long-term service life of 20-30 years, and the color does not fade.
3、Light weight: easy to transport the material, short time to finish the building, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and save a lot of time and energy for human beings.
4、Smooth surface treatment, dust is easily carried away by rain.
5、environmental protection materials, can be used many times, will not cause impact on our environment. Cheap metal siding 20 gauge corrugated steel roofing sheet steel
6、Energy saving: cool in summer and warm in winter. Heat insulation effect is 7%-25% higher than ordinary glass, heat loss is greatly reduced.
7、Insulation resistance: corrugated sheet has obvious sound insulation effect.
8、Light weight, with a good visual effect of beautification.

Corrugated steel plate



customized width:

800 / 914 / 1220 / 1250 / 1219 (regular width: 1,000 or 1,200mm)


available from 0.15mm to 1.2mm

Zinc coat :

30g to 275g/m2


Color according to RAL standard (including 210 colors) or Different Patterns.


Lacquer Coating thickness Top surface is 15-25 microns and the back is 5-7 microns or according to customer needs

Painting Type:

Paint coating type Polyester (PE), High-dbilityura Polyester (HDP), Silicon Modified Polyesters (SMP), Polyvinylidene Fluoride
(PVDF), Easy-cleaning (EC)


JIS G3302, JIS G3313, GB/T2518-88, GB11253-89, ASTM A1008-2000, EN10169 ETC



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export country

We are a well known worldwide supply and export Corrugated steel plate in following countries:,Italy, Philippines, France,Ireland, Portugal, Gambia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Libya, Romania, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Ghana, Slovakia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Oman, Egypt, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Yemen, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Belarus, Finland, Gabon, Iran, Canada, Argentina, Lebanon.

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